Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sex And The City: The Sequel

Last December, during a visit to the set of "Sex and The City," I overheard two security guards discussing plans for a sequel. This week, after months of rumors and speculation, Kim Cattrall (Samantha) confirmed that a sequel to the blockbuster film is indeed in the works.

For as much as this year’s big screen SATC installment had me smitten with Carrie & Co all over again, I can’t help thinking it will be a very tough act to follow. What could possibly come next for the fab four? Will they, as Cynthia Nixon (Miranda) hopes, embark on a madcap adventure? Is it possible Carrie, now that she’s finally Mrs. John James Preston, will follow in Miranda and Charlotte’s footsteps and take on motherhood?

As writer/producer Michael Patrick King ponders the next chapter for his beloved fictional females, I wonder if he’s caught TV Land’s hilarious take on SATC: the golden years (

Golden Girl: Bea Arthur as Carrie Bradshaw in TV Land's hilarious SATC spoof

While it’s hard to imagine SATC crossing over into AARP territory, I’m excited for the summer of 2010, which is reportedly when the sequel will come out.

What storyline would you like to see in SATC 2? Post a comment and maybe we can give MPK some ideas. I don't know what he has in store for Carrie and the girls but, with girlfriends and cosmos in hand once again, I can’t wait to find out.

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