Thursday, November 13, 2008

Finding My Footing Again

Today marked a wonderful juncture in my recovery from foot surgery -- hobbling to and from work for the first time minus crutches or a cain.

I was only a few yards from my building when a woman, noticing my post-surgery shoe and slight limp, stopped to ask me what procedure I’d undergone. Upon informing her it was bunion removal, she was even more inquisitive because she is about to go through the same thing.

As I told her that returning to work a week later is doable and that the pain subsides in a matter of days, I could tell she was relieved. And in the course of helping to put her mind at ease, I was struck all over again at the body’s amazing power to heal.

I ended up being reminded of this several times today. First, with several colleagues commenting on my increased mobility. Then tonight, with my doorman happily observing me walk unassisted, saying--

“Looking good, looking good!”

I smiled, grateful for the encouragement and the fact that with each passing day, I’m inching closer toward finding my footing again.

Over the last five weeks, I’ve re-learned what it means to literally take things one step at a time. It’s a lesson I won’t soon forget and one that I think will make me more sure footed, in more ways than one.


The Diirty Girls said...

LOVE your blog, makes me laugh and smile and have hope that when i move to new york one day ill be just as happy! cant wait for the sequel of Sex in the City:)

Melissa said...

Thanks! Your blog is fantastic and you can definitely look forward to all kinds of fun when you move to the Big Apple! Keep me posted on when you do and we'll meet for drinks to toast SATC!