Sunday, November 16, 2008

Family Reunion In NYC

This weekend, I had the pleasure of catching up with both of my big brothers at the same time. With my brother Ray and sister-in-law Barb living in Delaware and my brother Steve and sister-in-law Pris residing in Boston, and each of my siblings maxed out at work, this was a family reunion more than a year in coming.

The four of us along with my niece Marcie shared hugs and a delicious brunch at one of my favorite neighborhood greasy spoons, the Silver Star. While there’s no shortage of great diners in the Big Apple, this is a standout that never fails to deliver and is always packed.

Silver Star: This Upper East Side diner boasts a 200-item menu

After brunch, Ray, Barb and I ambled over to Coldwater Creek’s flagship NYC store. A longtime customer of Coldwater’s catalogue, Barb was as impressed as me by the spacious shop’s upscale rustic d├ęcor (think comfy chairs and waterfalls), gracious sales staff and, natch, $30-off-$100-purchase offer.

Later, back at the hotel, all six of us chatted the night away talking about everything from the rocky real estate market and the merits of a low-carb diet to memories of years ago.

As we parted today, I had a feeling that our late and much-loved parents were smiling down on us and happy about our new promise -- to get together quarterly instead of annually.

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