Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Girls Night Out At Aura

Tonight, I had the pleasure of catching up with my good friend and colleague Caroline over dinner at Aura, a casual Thai fusion cafe on Ninth Avenue.

Aura: Good, inexpensive Thai fusion cuisine served up in a cozy cafe setting

After shared appetizers of steamed shrimp dumplings and spring rolls, I enjoyed beef pad thai made even tastier by Aura’s friendly waitstaff and reasonable prices ($16 per person for two courses and a pot of tea).

Our last girls night out was four weeks ago so Caroline and I had much to discuss. We talked about anticipating the upcoming holidays, dreading our beloved colleague Morty’s imminent departure and delighting in the indulgence of nail salon pampering.

Speaking of the latter, I mentioned how much I’m looking forward to a pedicure now that my foot is on the mend from last month’s surgery. I hit another recovery milestone this week -- wearing a regular shoe post-surgery for the first time. What better way to celebrate than by sprucing up my toes with a splash of pink?

As I leaned on Caroline’s arm while she walked me to a cab, it occurred to me for the umpteenth time that the support of friends has made all the difference in my recovery. When it comes to a prescription for healing, there’s no better medicine.

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