Thursday, October 16, 2008

Girls Night Out At Cinema Cafe

Last night, my good friend Caroline and I headed over to Cinema Café for dinner. After I introduced Caroline to one of my favorite cocktails, the blue cosmopolitan (a cosmo mixed with blue curacao), we settled in for some quality female bonding.

Over a shared vegetable Quesadilla and some tasty seafood fare (grilled jumbo shrimp with frizzled leeks for me, blackened St. Peter’s fish with asparagus for Caroline), we talked about the allure of living in faraway places, the benefits of spray tanning and the McDreamy appeal of Patrick Dempsey in the 1987 classic “Can’t Buy Me Love.”

Cinema Café is one of my favorite neighborhood haunts, serving up reliable bistro fare against the backdrop of movie poster-covered walls and silent films. And, as I told Caroline, it has proven to be an ideal setting in which to part ways with a significant other.

Two of my major breakup scenes played out at Cinema Café. Back in ‘04, I chose one of the restaurant’s booths for my swan song with a well-intentioned but clingy Brit. A few years later, over dinner in the otherwise empty back room, I informed on-again/off-again longtime sweetheart Larry that we were, in fact, off again.

Yes, Cinema Café’s low-key, quiet atmosphere is perfect if you’re looking for a public yet discreet place to call it quits. And, as I re-re-discovered with Caroline, it’s also perfect for a girls night out.

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