Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Year Of Firsts

My junior year abroad in London brought with it many firsts. First time I fell in love, first time I juggled multiple men, first time I became good friends with someone I met in an elevator.

That someone was my Commonwealth Hall floor mate, Carine. A smart, stunning woman with a big heart and beautiful smile, Carine offered a sympathetic ear during many a late night conversation in her room. I also credit her with introducing me to the remarkably soothing powers of tea.

During our year as neighbors, Carine and I celebrated many milestones, from her 21st birthday to the dissolution of our respective romances du jour.

All smiles: Carine and me in my room at Commie Hall, London, January 1994

My good friend recently marked another milestone -- the beginning of a year of firsts. For the next 365 days, Carine is going to try something new every single day. She is chronicling her year of firsts at

I’m looking forward to following Carine’s exciting journey and maybe even embarking on some firsts of my own.


Me said...

Oh Mel! I'm touched and honoured... And where did you find that photo? So far so good with the first times!

Melissa said...

I dug that picture out of my old archives! Keep it up with the first times. Maybe one of your firsts could be your first visit to New York as a new mom? :-) XO