Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday Afternoon In The Park

One of the best things about living in New York is discovering a part of the city you’ve never experienced before. Today, thanks to my good friend Tiffany, I enjoyed my first visit to Central Park’s northern section.

Taking advantage of the crisp autumn weather, we headed up to 106th Street. Along the way, we spotted a film crew shooting a car scene for HBO’s upcoming pilot “How To Make It In America.”

After catching a glimpse of the sunflowers in full bloom at Central Park’s Conservatory Garden, Tiff and I made our way into the park and ended up stumbling onto a Halloween party for kids that featured music provided by Natalia Paruz, a.k.a “The Saw Lady,” whose unique repertoire also includes English handbells and the glass harp.

NYC's Central Park: Autumn splendor at its best

As we took in the fall foliage and passersby of all ages, we were in awe of the park’s bucolic charm. Like Tiffany said, it almost makes you forget you’re in the city. And it reminds you of another great thing about NYC -- the quiet respites from the hustle and bustle to be found without venturing too far from your own zip code.


M said...

Yes, Central Park's northern side is amazingly beautiful - it's less "manicured" than the lower parts, and I love it.
My kids and I love the 'Saw Lady' ( ) - we see her at the Times Square subway station.

Melissa said...

The Park's northern side is such a treat. Partly because it's so much quieter and less crowded!