Friday, October 31, 2008

By The Numbers: You Never Know Edition

It’s often said that romance happens when you least expect it. Over the years, I’ve experienced this phenomenon many times.

From NYC’s overcrowded Lexington Avenue subway line to a summer stint as a receptionist, there’s been no shortage of variety when it comes to how I’ve connected with the opposite sex. Here are some of the standout random connections, By The Numbers:

Number of men who jumped out of a car in traffic to get my number: 1
Number of men encountered on NYC’s #6 subway who asked me out : 2
Number of holiday romances produced by friends’ matchmaking efforts: 2
Number of temp jobs that led to a long-term boyfriend: 1
Number of bridal showers that resulted in being asked out by a groomsman: 1

NYC's Essex Restaurant: The kiss that resulted from a bridal shower brunch at this Lower East Side eatery was one of the most lackluster I’ve ever had

You never know when or where the next romantic encounter is going to happen. As I recover from my recent foot surgery, I’m excited to be one step closer to finding out what Cupid has in store for me.

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