Saturday, October 18, 2008

By The Numbers: On The Job Edition

In this day and age of sexual harassment and often-muddled male-female office politics, getting romantic with a co-worker is like walking across a minefield. Still, when you spend 40+ hours a week with the same group of people, the prospect of mixing business with pleasure invariably comes up.

Over the years, the workplace has provided me with more than a few interesting distractions of a romantic nature. Here are some of the ones that stand out, By The Numbers:

Number of co-workers with whom I became romantically involved: 3
Number of co-workers I dated who turned out to be gay: 1
Number of married co-workers who flirted with me: 6
Number of bosses who revealed feelings for me on my last day: 1

The above co-worker made his surprising declaration after a company party that dovetailed with my departure. Equally unexpected was the post-party kiss from him, a kiss so passionate it felt like he was going to pull chunks of hair out of my head.

Fortunately, I emerged from our encounter with my scalp unscathed. It’s safe to say that no job farewell since topped this one. Crossing the line with a co-worker is a lot less complicated -- and a lot more fun -- when you’re on your way out.

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