Thursday, October 9, 2008

Romance In Unexpected Places

When you’re single and searching, you often hear that love happens when you’re not looking for it. I was reminded of how true that is today, upon hearing how my lovely colleague Shana met her current beau.

Panda Express: Who knew it could be romantic?

Shana was about to exit Chinese fast food chain Panda Express when she noticed a man blocking the front door. Looking right at her, he asked--

“Can I have your number?”

Unnerved by his brazen directness -- not even a hello?! she thought -- Shana resisted. Though she ultimately did give the bold stranger her number, she never imagined he would actually use it. Well, he did. Two months later, they’re still together and discovering the many things they have in common. Including a fondness for Slurpee’s and for their neighborhood (they happen to live five blocks apart).

Shana’s tale got me to thinking about the unexpected places I’ve encountered romance. Like the temp job that acquainted me with intellectual giant and super chivalrous Brooklynite Larry. Or, during my stint in Illinois, the dinner at a neighbor’s house that led to a passionate romance with her step grandson Steve. Or, most unexpectedly of all, the park in NYC’s East Village where, during a location shoot for “NYPD Blue” I ended up meeting my first big love, California native Mark.

Yes, the element of surprise has been a key element of my romantic experiences. Shana’s story of unexpected love gave me a much-needed reminder to keep my eyes open. After all, you never what-- or who --is right around the corner.

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