Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Great SATC Debate

Last night, my good friend Tiffany and I took part in the recession trend of dining down and enjoyed a low-key dinner at Texas Rotisserie & Grill on the Upper East Side.

Having stayed close to home since my recent foot surgery, it was a treat to venture out for some comfort food -- and to enjoy BBQ ribs with whipped sweet potato and creamed spinach for the cost of a pricey NYC cocktail ($15).

Over dinner, Tiff and I talked about the mixed blessings of revisiting old flames, the entertainment value of “Gray’s Anatomy” and other soap opera-type shows and the major girls night out we’re going to have once I’m off crutches and back on both feet again.

We also ended up on the subject of “Sex and the City” and the question of whether Carrie should have forgiven Big for getting cold feet on their wedding day. Disappointed in the movie’s fairy tale ending, Tiff said she would’ve preferred to see Carrie make a fresh start with someone new, that it stretched credulity to have her forgive Big for bailing on her yet again.

SATC’s Carrie and Big: Was it plausible that she forgave him
for standing her up at the altar?

Being the hopeless romantic that I am, I admitted I was able to buy into the Cinderella storyline because Big came back after leaving Carrie stranded. Then again, I find it easier to make allowances for fictionalized characters who embody all-too-familiar commitment issues, especially when they're in the guise of Chris Noth.

One thing Tiff and I both agreed on, there probably won’t ever be a show like SATC again (sorry, “Lipstick Jungle”). Tiff has given me yet another reason to love SATC. We met a couple of months ago when I overheard her in my lobby talking about the movie.

When I’m done hobbling around, I’m looking forward to toasting our fabulous friendship -- maybe with a few cosmos in honor of the fab four who led us to each other.


Magnifique said...

I'm probably the only American woman on the planet who didn't start watching SATC until this year, but with all the hype surrounding the movie, I finally decided to succumb. :-) I have watched almost the entire series now, in order, and I saw a Chinese bootleg of the movie on the bus to NYC. Granted, I couldn't hear a lot of the dialogue, but I'm with you- I think that her forgiveness was believable. She'd been in love with Mr Big for ten years, knew that he had flaky tendencies and recognized that she allowed their wedding to get blown out of proportion. After reading his emails and taking several months to think and be alone, it made sense to me that she would be willing to talk with him. And while they were, um, talking, he proposed, which is what she wanted in the first place.

Pekky said...

I agreed with the comment above. I also, like you, made allowances with Mr Big.

My sister was not agreeing with that, though.

Melissa said...

The time Carrie spent alone, Big's emails, and their history together also made it believable for me as well.

As for coming late to the SATC game, I can relate to that too. I didn't start watching until after it went off the air and into syndication! And I bought a $5 bootleg copy of the movie back in July to tide me over until the official DVD came out. :-)

The Lost Girls said...

Melissa--we MUST get you a copy of the original series, woman! And I want in on this girls' night out once you recover!