Tuesday, October 14, 2008

An Evening with Morty and Moonstruck

Last night, I spent the evening with one of my best friends, Morty. Taking advantage of the Indian Summer-like weather, we headed over to Tasti D-Lite for dessert.

Sweet Treat: Tasti D-Lite, the perfect post-op outing

The outing was doubly delightful for me, as it was one of my first since bunion removal foot surgery on Friday. Along with discovering the pain-fighting prowess of Vicodin, I’ve learned there are many women who have undergone this procedure and understandably so. As the get well card from one of them -- my fabulous sister-in-law -- says, with the right shoes, you can do anything.

Over some delicious cookies ‘n’ cream frozen yogurt, Morty and I questioned whether Tasti D is really fat free and I informed him that we were sitting in front of the same location that Charlotte and Harry visited in the final season of “Sex and The City.” SATC was on my mind, having watched the movie the night before and been delighted to find that it held up for a fourth viewing.

Back at my place, we filled in a major gap in our 80’s film repertoire and watched “Moonstruck.” The 1987 romantic comedy that garnered Cher an Academy Award charmed both of us and had us laughing at how big hair was held up as a glamour benchmark back then.

Speaking of movies, there’s no better Rx for a post-op pick-me-up. As I indulge the couch potato in me, I welcome suggestions for films to add to my Netflix queue. What are some of your favorites? Post a comment here. A little cinematic distraction goes a long way -- as I found while I was smiling (and, at times, crying) my way through SATC all over again.


the shark said...

I L-O-V-E Love Actually....Meg Ryan movies.. All 3 "Bourne"...

Melissa said...

Thanks! Funny you should mention Meg, I just watched her in the mediocre but kind of funny "My Mother's New Boyfriend" with Antonio Banderas.

Love Actually is one of my favorites too and Bourne Ultimatum is quite simply one of the best action flicks ever!