Wednesday, October 1, 2008

By The Numbers: Anniversary Edition

This week marks a milestone of sorts – the three-month anniversary of Single Gal In The City.

Since launching SGITC in July more than 100 posts ago, life has been a veritable whirlwind. From amusing drama surrounding my dalliance with an ex’s best friend (and relief about said ex tying the knot) to schmoozing with the stars of “Sex and The City,” this quarter of ’08 has kept me on my toes and continually excited about single life in the Big Apple.

To celebrate SGITC's three-month milestone, here are some of the adventures I’ve blogged about – By The Numbers:

Approximate number of men mentioned: 14
Number of exes who have gotten married: 1
Number of dates with above mentioned ex’s best friend: 3
Number of run-ins with high school boyfriends: 1
Number of old flames who have become Facebook friends: 5
Number of celebrities met: 6
Number of concerts attended: 5
Number of evenings spent canoodling on my roof deck with hunky longtime friend: 1

As my hunky and impossibly charming friend said, our evening underneath the stars was paradise. You know a kiss is sublime when the mere thought of it weeks later makes you weak in the knees.

I’m looking forward to sharing many more of my romantic escapades. Single Gal In The City has only just begun!

Coming up…a sneak peak at Jeremy Piven’s new Broadway show and more outrageous date tales.

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