Sunday, November 2, 2008

Weekend Getaway In The First State

This weekend, I enjoyed a much-needed getaway to Dover, Delaware, to visit my fabulous and fun brother and sister-in-law. The visit coincided with a happy milestone in my recovery from foot surgery -- hobbling around crutch-free.

What better way to celebrate my increased mobility than with a mini shopping spree? Yesterday, my sister-in-law Barb and I went to Kohl’s, where we managed to find two tops and three jackets (including a metallic Members Only style number) for a total of $115. There’s something to be said for a great bargain, especially in this economy.

Dover Downs: Michele's restaurant here serves up fine dining in an ambient setting

For dinner, the three of us and my nephew Chris headed over to Dover Downs, the city’s casino-racetrack-hotel complex, where we enjoyed a delicious meal at newly-remodeled Michele’s. I savored short rib ravioli with marinara sauce and crabmeat stuffed lobster.

Also on last night’s menu -- dessert back at home (Ben & Jerry’s yellow cake with chocolate swirl ice cream) and a late-night viewing of the reasonably entertaining recent blockbuster, “Iron Man.”

As I hugged Ray and Barb goodbye at the train station today, I was reminded all over again how lucky I am to have them in my life -- and how rejuvenating a weekend getaway can be, especially when you can leave the crutches behind.


the shark said...

I went to Kohls yesterday too! Not really into things for my pregnant state, I found some cute monkey jammies for Bea...

As for Brothers, my three are great. Especially since they all grew up!

Melissa said...

I'm glad I gave Kohl's another chance -- hadn't been there in years. If only there was one in the city!

Brothers are the best. Especially when they share with you a fondness for dessert! :-)