Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1,001 Ways To Meet Mr. Right

Last year, my best friend Lisa bought me a book called “1,001 Ways To Meet Mr. Right.”

After thumbing through it briefly, I ended up putting the book aside for awhile -- first because of a whirlwind, ill-fated romance with a New Yorker I met on a cruise, then because of a much-needed break from looking for Mr. Right.

Looking For Mr. Right: This book approaches it as what it should be -- an adventure

Now that I’ve crossed the threshold of 35, though, I’m ready to resume the search, and to do it in a savvier way with the help of this handy book.

One of many great things about “1,001 Ways To Meet Mr. Right” is the similarity between author Elizabeth Shimer Bowers’ approach to the titular task and my own -- that it’s about being engaged in the world around you, about getting outside your comfort zone and shaking up your routine by trying new things. And, of course, making sure you have plenty of fun along the way.

Bowers is a true pragmatist. In addition to chapters that categorize each “way” (social, travel, outdoor, etc.), she provides a rating scale indicating how much time and money each activity takes and whether to bring a friend with you.

You can’t argue with success -- Bowers met her husband through Way #104, in her circle of friends.

I think that’s probably the best way to meet someone special, but I’m looking forward to trying out many of the others that Bowers suggests. And I’m profoundly thankful to Lisa for giving this book to me -- and for more than twenty years of being there through all of my adventures, romantic and otherwise.

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