Tuesday, January 6, 2009

By The Numbers: Down Under Edition

Seven years ago this month, I made my first trip to Australia. Fortune has smiled upon my love affair with this great country and, on Friday, I’ll embark on my fourth trek Down Under.

As I gear up for my ten-day trip to Sydney and the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef, I can’t help thinking about some of the more memorable moments I’ve experienced on the other side of the world. Here a few of them -- By The Numbers:

Number of Aussie men I locked lips with during my five months as a Sydneysider: 5
Approximate number of beaches visited Down Under: 4
Number of visits to observation deck of Sydney’s Harbour Bridge: 1
Number of Kylie Minogue concerts attended: 1
Number of alpha male Aussie roommates engaged in a serious bromance: 2

Doyle‘s on Watson‘s Bay: This was the view when one of my Aussie roommates took me for a sunlit late-afternoon repast at the renowned seafood eatery

Number of male roommates who took me for a motorcycle ride through Sydney’s majestic Watson’s Bay suburb: 1
Number of Aussie old flames I later reconnected with to find that lightning doesn’t always strike twice: 2

I think, sometimes, the point of reconnecting with an old flame is to confirm why he is, in fact, an old flame. After all, it’s must easier to embrace the future when you’re free of any ghosts from the past.

I'm looking forward to finding out what adventures await me Down Under this time around!


Camels & Chocolate said...

LOTS of them, I'll tell you. And let's hope they mean you up your number in Aussie men liplocks ;-)


Melissa said...

Oh yes, very hopeful about upping that number!! :-)