Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sydney Visit: Day Two

Sunday afternoon, I caught up with my dear friend and Sydney native Sue, her mother Annette and my gorgeous 6-year-old goddaughter Isabella.

Over a delightful lunch at Darling Harbor, we talked about everything from Madonna needing to act her age to our adventures 15 years ago on the Contiki tour around Europe that brought us together. Though it had been four years since Sue and I had seen each other (on my last trip Down Under), it felt like it had only been a day. As she said, that's how it is with good friends.

After parting company from my favorite Aussie girls, I hopped on the subway across Harbor Bridge to Luna Park, a historic amusement park overlooking the water. The park was closed (because of noise compaints from residents) during my five months as a Sydneysider back in' 02, so I was especially excited to visit.

As I enjoyed stunning after dark views from Luna Park's ferris wheel, I marveled all over again that I climbed Harbor Bridge. 1,437 steps -- talk about great exercise!

Next up...reuniting with another dear friend Down Under and surviving 14 hours in coach, in the middle seat.

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