Friday, January 23, 2009

A Musical Birthday Celebration

Wednesday night, I enjoyed a low-key birthday celebration at home with Morty, one of my best friends, and my dear cousin Alexandra.

In addition to being two of my favorite people on Planet Earth, Morty and Alexandra have something else in common – they’re both talented singers. Alexandra is classically trained with a background in opera, while Morty is a songwriter/guitarist with a flare for contemporary tunes.

After making me smile with a makeshift “cake” of ice cream sandwiches arranged to form an M, they indulged my request for a duet, delivering pitch perfect renditions of songs by Mariah Carey, Lauryn Hill and, of course, my beloved Ricky Martin.

Eventually, I joined in, belting out Whitney Houston’s ’92 power ballad “I Have Nothing” with Morty and Alexandra at the top of my lungs (and, with apologies to my neighbors, accompanied by the CD blaring from my stereo). Despite lingering jetlag from my Australia trip, I felt energized – and thankful to be sharing my 35th with two of my nearest and dearest.

The celebrating continues tomorrow, with dinner at NYC’s Il Cantinori – the restaurant where Carrie Bradshaw ended up alone on her 35th in "Sex And The City." My friends have assured me they’ll be more reliable than Carrie’s inner circle. I can’t wait to connect with my inner party girl. After all, 35 is the new 25, right?

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