Sunday, January 11, 2009

Pampering With A Purpose

I’m a big believer in the restorative powers of pampering rituals. From a heavenly semi-outdoor body massage in Bali to a delightful foot spa bath in Sydney, I’ve experienced this in more than a few far flung places.

Here in the Big Apple, some of my best unwinding moments have happened at Paul Labrecque Salon and Great Jones Spa. My favorite destination for pampering, though, is Dashing Diva. Nobody does the art of pampering better than this first class nail spa.

Dashing Diva: My favorite nail spa is helping women learn about extending fertility

Later this month, Dashing Diva is teaming up with the American Fertility Association for Martinis & Manicures, a new series of events aimed at educating women about conceiving later. Dr. Jamie Grifo, Program Director of the NYU Fertility Center, will be on hand. An added bonus – both the martinis and the manicures are free.

I’m planning to attend with a few of my fellow thirty-something gal pals. Though my biological clock isn’t exactly ticking, I know that with 35 knocking on my door, this is a good time for me to find out more about the road to motherhood.

Manicures & Martinis takes place on Tuesday January 27th at 6pm at Dashing Diva’s 15th Street location in NYC. The event is expected to roll through approximately 20 US cities in 2009.

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Hannah said...

Hey Melissa - what's up with your references to Dashing Diva? I used to work for them (as director of franchise ops). kinda funny to see them here cuz they're still not really well known outside of nyc or korea. glad to see you enjoy their work. the technicians are good for sure.