Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Milestone Birthday

Today is my 35th birthday. One of my favorite pick me up books, The Portable Best Friend, says that your thirties are when you really start hitting your stride. I couldn’t agree more, especially when it comes to my life and career here in NYC.

Work wise, I’ve never been happier. Having spent most of my twenties being something of a professional gypsy feeding the TV news beast, I’m thankful to have found both fulfillment and stability in travel PR -- at an agency run by three accomplished women who continually inspire me with their talent and creativity.

Speaking of fabulous ladies, I’m blessed with a truly amazing circle of friends, many of whom defy geographical distance with their devotion, all of whom enrich my life and make everything a lot more fun.

In looking back on the milestones I‘ve achieved, I can’t help pondering the life stages I haven’t yet reached, namely marriage and starting a family.

I take great comfort in the fact that my beloved late mom was in her thirties when she fell in love with my dad. Their passionate and enduring love remains the gold standard of relationships for me, and a source of hope that my own happily ever after is out there too.

As the iconic Carrie Bradshaw herself discovered, 35 is a good age at which to start focusing on finding a soul mate. I’m excited to ramp up the search for mine now that I feel truly ready for him.

So far, being middle aged isn’t so bad. How can it be when you live in the greatest city in the world…and have a steady supply of anti-wrinkle cream?

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