Monday, January 26, 2009

By The Numbers: Frequent Flier Edition

It’s no accident that I promote travel for a living. Travel is one of my greatest passions, as I rediscovered during my recent return to Australia.

From reinvigorating weekend getaways stateside to adventurous jaunts in more far flung destinations, I’ve been lucky to experience all kinds of getaways. Like I always say, I never met a trip I didn’t like. Here are some of my more memorable travel moments -- By The Numbers:

Approximate Number of overseas trips: 25

All Smiles in Costa Rica: Enjoying the view from Hilton Papagayo in Guanacaste during a business trip, March 2008

Number of return flights to the U.S. from Australia spent in a coach middle seat: 2
Number of British Commonwealth cities in which I’ve resided: 3 (London, Sydney and Toronto)
Number of flight delays precipitated by a dog running loose on the tarmac: 1
Number of celebrity sightings while traveling: 8
Number of brushes with royalty in the baggage claim area of JFK: 1

It was England’s lovely Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson (a.k.a Fergie), whom I found myself standing next to at JFK many years ago. That’s one of my favorite things about traveling -- the interesting characters you encounter unexpectedly along the way.

Coming up…1,001 ways to meet Mr. Right and a belated birthday celebration.

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