Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Jetlag-Induced Pause

It's been three days since my return from Down Under -- but my body is still on Australia time.

As I recover from the inevitable jetlag of crossing multiple time zones in a little more than a week, I can't help looking forward to bouncing back from it, and to the exciting week ahead.

Monday, I'll have the pleasure of watching Florence Quinn, head of the PR agency I work for, Quinn & Co., accept a well-deserved lifetime achievement honor at the Adrian Awards (the Oscars of travel marketing). Additional events coming up include an inaugural visit to a performing arts showcase that highlights new talent, a philanthropic happy hour and manicures and martinis with some of my best galpals.

As my late and wise grandmother used to say, it's good to go away -- and it's good to come home. And it will be even better to be home when my body clock returns too.

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