Saturday, July 4, 2009

Drinks With A Celeb Mag Veteran

Wednesday night, I met up for drinks with Alex, deputy news editor for one of the top celebrity magazines, at Midtown bar and lounge Bogart’s.

Alex and I connected via phone a few weeks ago, after I submitted an email tip about the upcoming “Sex And The City” sequel. We discovered we had a few things in common -- a love of Australia and cynical take on celebrity journalism among them -- so it only seemed fitting to meet in person.

Bogart’s: This Midtown bar and restaurant on NYC's Park Avenue serves up a mixed crowd of suits and grizzled-looking types

Alex has seen it all in his 20+ years covering Hollywood’s bold-faced names. He admitted to work-induced Michael Jackson fatigue, but didn’t get a break from it since Bogart’s was playing a medley of MJ’s greatest hits while we imbibed.

We eventually moved on from the topics of the gloved one and TLC’s Jon and Kate divorce drama to Alex’s history as a musician and my ignorance when it comes to Led Zeppelin. We also talked briefly about the possibility of working together on some travel promotions with my clients. Synergy is a beautiful thing.

Happy Fourth, All!

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