Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Girls Night Out: Club Rebel

Last Thursday, I headed to Club Rebel in Midtown West with galpal Bobbi and her friend Michelle. The occasion – a performance by lanky Russian pop star The Oskar and Bobbi’s aspiring rapper beau Pasha (a.k.a. P Gunner).

Hot Stuff: The Oskar, me and P Gunner

As an opening band warmed up the small crowd, we took in the colorful scene. A group of Oskar’s twenty-something fans gathered around him while a crew with NTV, the top Russian-language channel in the U.S. filmed it all.

Over a few cocktails, the three of us dished about dating and nightlife in NYC. I filled the girls in on current distractions of the male variety. Bobbi mentioned a recent night out that found her surrounded by a dozen single men. She agreed to call me next time she finds herself in such a predicament.

Michelle, happily ensconced with her live-in boyfriend, shared details about a swanky tennis-themed party she photographed at NYC’s Hudson Hotel. A true talent behind the lens (she snapped the new signature pic of me you see on the right), she’s been capturing some of Gotham’s hottest events for years.

A little after 11pm, Oskar, joined by a few equally lithe backup dancers, took to the stage. His energetic five-song set included the catchy electro pop rock tune “Barbie Doll” and featured a duet with Pasha.

I missed the finale – sleep was beckoning me – so I’m looking forward to downloading some of The Oskar and Pasha’s repertoire. I can’t wait for their next gig.

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Vivek Malik said...

Online dating is such a fascinating concept for geeks. It has sure brightened my life a few times this year.