Thursday, July 30, 2009

Online Dating: Frogs And Princes

As you venture into the world of online dating, you quickly come to discover that it’s populated with colorful characters – many of whom make unusual choices about what to include in their profile.

Back in ’04, my very first online date was with a guy whose profile included undated pictures of him at three very different weights. I’m guessing this was his litmus test for whether size really does matter.

Then there was the “Italian/Cajen electricion” who emailed me to say he was looking for someone he can’t stop thinking of when she’s not around. Less romantic was what he said about his literary habits—

“I like to read the Daily News in the bathroom.”

By far, though, I think my favorite online profile is one that my friend Andrea forwarded to me from a Russian dating site.

Igor, 49, is looking for a girl aged 16-20 to marry. Igor’s profile features photos of him in silk pajamas, a red smoking jacket and a selection of fur coats. And this one:

Igor: Seeking Cinderella online

“The kingdom is expanding," he writes. “But there’s still no worthy Cinderella…to be transformed into a princess, capable of devotion, faithfulness and love (without an 'intimate' past, knowing what's a maiden's honor...). DO NOT WRITE: with superiority complex, counting herself the last girl (literal translation: ass) on the planet, any used-up losers, dating market discards, PEOPLE WITH NON-TRADITIONAL ORIENTATION, jealous idiots whose discussions, questions or advice nobody here needs…Don’t offer your body for sale – I am squeamish.”

After reading this, I was a little squeamish myself.

Coming up...a chic party at NYC's Hudson Terrace and meeting one of the beauty world's rising stars.


Anonymous said...

Gross. Igor's profile made me feel sick. Disgusting and yet fascinating, some people are. Keep up the fun blog!

Melissa said...

I agree -- fascinating and repulsive all at once. The online dating world is full of unusual profiles, but I really think Igor's takes the cake.

Anonymous said...

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Andrew Presley said...

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