Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Tuesday Night With Lucky Strikes

Last night, I headed down to NYC’s West Village for this month’s meeting of Lucky Strikes, a social media club founded by smart and savvy real estate marketing blogger Rob Hahn (a.k.a. The Notorious R.O.B.).

The dinner confab of a dozen people was held in a cozy, private room at Rocco Restaurant, a venerable Italian eatery that’s been around since the 1920’s and has hosted more than a few mobsters over the years. Rocco serves a mean Caprese salad and the proscuitto and melon is equally mouthwatering.

Rocco Ristorante: Tasty Italian fare served by a truly charming staff

I had the chance to catch up with former Quinn & Co. colleague Allie, who spoke excitedly about her plans to start a freelance digital PR practice when she returns to her native Texas next month. Is there anything more inspiring than someone in the throes of making their entrepreneurial dreams come true?

Rob was joined by marketing maven Michael in a fascinating presentation about social media metrics that engaged everyone.

Once the official conversation was over, talk turned to the single life. New Jersey-based real estate agent (and webisode star) Sarah Bandy and I discussed a future girls night out, never mind her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Michael, who met his last significant other through, shared a laugh with me over our mutual disdain for the site. Too much time involved, too little of a payoff.

Still, I will say this for the world of online dating. When you least expect it, it's full of surprises.

Coming up...a weekend jaunt to The Poconos and a look at an up and coming rapper.

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J Philip said...

I met my wife on the old AOL online personals in 1999. Back then meeting someone online was uncommon.