Sunday, August 30, 2009

Farewell To Online Dating

Today, I’m taking down my profile -- and bidding farewell for the last time to the world of online dating.

After nearly five years of looking for love in cyberspace, and belonging at one time or another to half a dozen different sites, I’ve decided that I belong to the 95% of subscribers who don’t find their match on the Internet.

Much like some of the breakups I‘ve experienced, my exit from online dating has had its false starts. I’ve taken several respites from Match, and the like, returning each time to find it even more like seeking out a needle in a haystack.

That said, a few eccentric characters notwithstanding, the parade of men I’ve met online have been decent, respectable types. I even managed to eke out a one year+ relationship and, more recently, a summer romance, from my tenure.

I’ve witnessed several Internet dating success stories, the last wedding I attended being one of them. But, as with speed dating and various other modern mechanisms for meeting the opposite sex, betting on the online universe is a gamble. And I’m excited to refocus my attentions on vehicles with better odds.

So, as summer draws to a close, I look forward to leaving the virtual singles world behind and fully rediscovering everything that NYC has to offer. After all, in a city ranked by Forbes as being #1 for singles, the possibilities are endless!


Anonymous said...

Wow! What other pro-active methods are there? Can't wait to hear...

Melissa said...

So glad you asked. In NYC, there's no shortage of ways to meet people -- charity events, art gallery openings and wine tastings for a start. Watch this space as I embark on a variety of new adventures!

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