Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Wonderful Wedding

When you’re a thirtysomething single who’s lost both parents, attending a wedding can be bittersweet. Thankfully, my friend Cindy’s wedding last Sunday proved to be anything but.

Held at the Garrison, a charming inn and golf course nestled in New York’s Hudson Valley, the beautiful affair boasted a picturesque setting and an animated, sociable crowd of about 150 people.

The bride and groom: Me, Cindy and Jason

Before the ceremony, I chatted with amiable British groomsmen Dave, who managed to be cheerful despite having to linger in the blistering heat to distribute programs to the guests.

After Cindy and her beloved Jason exchanged their outdoor I dos, everyone headed inside for the reception. Much to my great delight, I ended up at a table with fun and fabulous people, including one of the groom’s handsome cousins and a few of Cindy’s other galpals -- Sydney-born Rachel among them.

Rachel and I danced and gabbed the night away, talking about our love for Sydney and NYC and our respective adventures in online dating. We both admitted that Cindy was the go-to wing woman back in her single days and decided to fill the void for each other and do a girls night out soon.

What are some of your most memorable moments as a wedding guest?

Coming up…a visit to one of NYC’s hottest burger joints and gearing up for SATC 2.


Anonymous said...

Hmm seems you're having to reuse outfits, same dress twice within a month.... oh dear.

Melissa said...

When you find a dress you love and feel fabulous, there's nothing better than getting a lot of mileage out of it. Especially when you have multiple back to back occasions that don't have overlapping audiences.

Heather said...

And you do look fabulous in that dress!

Melissa said...

Thanks! It's one of my favorites --and I got it for a steal at Kohl's.