Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Girls Night Out: Uva

Last night, I caught up with my good friend Sara at Uva, a charmingly rustic wine bar and restaurant on NYC's Upper East Side.

Uva: One of the most inviting wine bars on the UES

I could feel myself unwinding as I enjoyed a delicious (and affordable --$13) flight of three white wine varieties. Over a delicious dinner – tuna carpaccio and veal melanzane for me, heavenly prosciutto-filled ravioli with cream sauce for Sara – we talked about workplace politics, our upcoming Labor Day getaway to New Hampshire and friends who are tying the knot this year.

While discussing the latter, we found ourselves musing about complications that seem to throw a wrench into thirtysomething dating, namely the challenge of sustaining that carefree attitude which seems so effortless before crossing the 3-0 threshhold.

After dinner, we put in an appearance at my newlywedded friend Cindy’s farewell-to-the-city soiree. Just back from an African safari honeymoon, Cindy and her hubby are moving to New Jersey on Friday. As she begins this new chapter in her life, I feel a mixture of excitement for her and wistfulness for the days when she was my number one wing woman.

I look forward to visiting Cindy in the burbs – and to the girls nights out yet to come with Sara and my other galpals who are still on the prowl.

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