Friday, August 14, 2009

A Jaunt To The Hamptons

Nestled in the South Fork of Long Island, the Hamptons are known as a ritzy playground for the well-heeled. Earlier this week, my brother Andrew and I experienced the area’s quieter side during an overnight getaway to Westhampton.

Summer tends to be the quiet season when it comes to charity social events in New York. Which is why I was excited to hear about WGirlsNYC’s upcoming cocktail party on Thursday August 20th.

After a two-hour drive from NYC, we arrived at the neighboring hamlet of Quogue. Once we checked in (and switched rooms because of an overpowering Lysol stench) and picked up some sandwiches at the local market, we were off to Quogue Beach.

A view of Quogue Beach on a perfect summer day

Having been landlocked for most of the summer, I felt exhilarated to finally be oceanside and soak up some rays.

A few hours later, Andy and I cruised around town, taking in the sprawling homes lining nearly every bucolic street. With stately, gated entrances and perfectly trimmed hedges de rigeur here, I kept waiting to hear the theme from "Dynasty" around each corner.

Back at the Inn -- after another room upgrade because of dysfunctional air conditioning -- I freshened up, changing into one of my favorite new recessionista purchases, a $30 bubble dress from Kohl’s.

Strike A Pose: All smiles in my new bubble dress, Quogue, NY

Then, Andy and I headed over to Oakland’s, a charming seafood restaurant with sweeping views of the marina.

Over a delicious dinner (pan seared salmon with beet relish and creamy risotto for me), we talked about our favorite travel fantasies, and our least favorite thing about dating, i.e., the games people play.

Though summer is ostensibly supposed to be a time of carefree romance, we both agreed it’s been anything but for us -- and for others, based upon the tales of woe we’ve heard from numerous friends. Which is why we’ve decided to help Cupid along and co-host a singles party.

The last party I co-hosted -- back in ‘07 with fabulous galpal Amanda -- led to some unexpectedly exhibitionist behavior from an ex’s best friend. At the night’s end, I went into my room to find him sprawled across my bed completely naked (and completely uninvited). It’s safe to say he won’t be on the guest list this time around.

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