Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Girls Night Out: Midtown West

Last Thursday, after the Lauren Luke/Sephora event, I met up with my good friend and colleague Caroline for a girls night out.

Our first stop, Haru in Times Square, where we were well tended to by a solicitous waiter and charmed by the Japanese eatery’s twinkling lights. Over some hot sake and delicious sushi, we talked about old flames that can’t be rekindled, the healing power of friends when coping with loss and making progress toward big dreams.

Caroline is one of my favorite people. She’s irresistibly fun to be around, has a huge heart and an infectious laugh that makes me smile every time I hear it. We were both smiling when we stumbled upon a new eatery that shares her name.

Sweet Caroline: A beloved Neil Diamond ditty and now, a lively new NYC eatery in Midtown

Our last stop of the night was Hudson Terrace for a swanky party sponsored by Take A Chance TV for the upcoming “GI Joe” movie. Caroline and I enjoyed a few cocktails (mojito for her, vodka and cranberry for me) and took in the crowd of pretty people. Though we didn’t spot any celebs, we did encounter plenty of boldfaced name wannabes. I think we almost got knocked over by one partygoer’s enhanced cleavage.

Coming up…a look at the art of courtship and SGITC takes off.


Anonymous said...

Neil Diamond not James Taylor

Melissa said...

Woops! Brain cloud. Duly noted and now amended in the post. Thanks. :-)