Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A Taste Of France With Friends

Last week, I joined my friend Katherine for an intimate gathering at her French beau Bernard’s rooftop terrace.

Along with easy conversation, we enjoyed some French delights, from a selection of cheeses to chilled wines that included a heavenly Bordeaux.

Rooftop Fun: Katherine and me enjoyed a balmy night under the New York sky

A handful of Katherine’s charming and, to my great delight, single male friends were on hand, namely two charismatic Brits, Mudi and Nick.

Nick and I talked about our respective careers in PR – happily discovering Nick has worked with one of my best buddies in London and a mutual affinity for Australia. I learned he’s been Down Under seven times. I said that, for me, four times and five months in Sydney simply isn’t enough.

I also hit it off with visual artist Claire, recently back from making a splash in Venice and having her work featured in the New York Times. We mused about the allure of trying on other destinations for size and the perils of dating in NYC.

Mudi disputed my assumption that men in Gotham have it easier based upon the lopsided male-female ratio here. I was surprised, given that he has the additional advantage of an irresistible accent.

Yes, singlehood in the Big Apple has its ups and downs. All the more reason to be grateful for fabulous friends who throw impromptu parties where singles can commiserate or, ahem, connect.

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