Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Up Close With Lauren Luke

Thursday, I headed over to Sephora’s brand-new location in Times Square for the U.S. launch of Lauren Luke’s new makeup kits.

With her wildly popular makeup tutorial videos on YouTube -- broadcast from a webcam in her bedroom -- Lauren has become an international sensation beloved by her fans for her sense of humor and down-to-earth personality.

Meeting Miss Luke: Lauren and me at her Sephora debut

After an inspiring video about her rise to fame (that included a meet and greet with Queen Elizabeth), I had the pleasure of chatting with the 27-year-old England-born single mom. Soft spoken and absolutely charming, Lauren said she first fell in love with cosmetics as a teen. Her top beauty inspirations -- Megan Fox and Deeta Von Teese.

Even with her phenomenal success, Lauren remains approachable and fully connected to her thousands of followers via Facebook, MySpace and Twitter. She’s an awesome example of what can happen when true passion and talent intersect with the power of social media.

Lauren has developed five fabulous makeup kits that you can order here. Sephora will launch the kits nationwide across 135 stores next month.

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