Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Aussie Has Landed

Tonight, I’ll be reunited with my favorite old flame from Down Under, Jason. Along with a few of our friends, Jason and I will be ringing in 2009 together.

When he called a couple of hours ago after he arrived, we fell right into the easy banter that was very much a part of our time together back in ‘02. Jason and I met through a mutual friend during my visit to Perth. He showed me the sights -- including a stunning sunset on Cottesloe Beach that remains the most memorable one I’ve ever experienced.

We reconnected six months ago through -- of course -- Facebook. I was delighted to discover that the geographical gap between us has narrowed, since Jason is now working as a diplomat in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. It amazes me that, after so many years, we’ll have the opportunity to catch up.

I’m wondering if we’ll manage to rekindle the old spark between us. Regardless of whether that happens, though, I have no doubt we’ll have fun. After all, it’s impossible not to when you’re ringing in a New Year in the Big Apple.


beth g said...

love love love your site; can't wait to hear how tonite went. you are special! love all the nyc haunts and flashbacks to relationships past. beth

Melissa said...

Thanks Beth! I'm so glad you're enjoying my little blog and best wishes for an awesome 2009. :-)