Friday, December 19, 2008

The Small, Sociable World of Travel Media

When you work in the travel media and PR universe, you quickly come to discover what a small world it is.

While attending a recent birthday party for Adam, a prolific travel writer, I was struck once again by this – and by how much easier it is to meet fabulous gay men than it is to meet equally fabulous straight ones.

I initially connected with Adam, the ex-boyfriend of another travel writer I took on a client press junket a few years ago, through my former colleague and good buddy Morty. At Adam's party at Nowhere Bar in NYC’s East Village, I also met Darren, the editor of a magazine that Adam freelances for.

“I’m sure you’ve sent me many emails that I’ve ignored,” Darren quipped apologetically.

Laughing, I assured him that I know it’s an occupational hazard and didn’t take his cyberspace silence personally.

While catching up with one of my favorite Travel + Leisure contributors, I clicked immediately with his friend Michael. The two had just come from a soiree with a snooty Abercrombie & Fitch-esque crowd – all of whom were aghast when someone inadvertently hit the light switch and ruined the flattering effect of partying by candlelight.

Michael and I talked about the holiday shopping rush and the ups and downs of being single. When I revealed that I’m just one month away from turning 35, he asked—

“Are you worried about your ovaries?”

Amused, albeit somewhat taken, by the question, I told him that I’m not really feeling the urge to procreate this minute, but I became a bit anxious when I received a promotional flyer in the mail from Extend Fertility. The flyer featured the egg freezing company’s founder boasting that she had frozen hers at the tender age of 28.

Michael reassured me I have plenty of time to meet Mr. Right. We parted with a big hug and plans to, of course, become friends on Facebook.

I had a big smile on my face as I made my way home. Sometimes, the best kind of fun with the opposite sex happens when you’re surrounded by men you know you have absolutely no chance with.

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