Sunday, December 14, 2008

A Very Happy Hour At Spitzer's

Thursday night, I had the pleasure of catching up with my former colleague Kim, during a fun happy hour at Spitzer’s on NYC’s Lower East Side.

Over a bottle of Riesling, Kim filled me in on her new life as a London resident and plans for a cross-country USA road trip with the British beau who inspired her to move there.

A fellow blogger and true digital media goddess, Kim laughed at my continuing cluelessness about Twitter. I brought her up to date on recent doings at Quinn & Co., including Morty’s recent departure and my exciting business trip to the Islands of the Great Barrier Reef next month.

Along with meeting a handful of Kim’s fabulous friends -- including a charming forty-something guy who’s run three of the world’s top marathons -- her get together gave me the opportunity to learn more about three of my favorite colleagues.

All Smiles: Marisa, Kim and me at Kim's Farewell to NYC party

Fellow travel PR maven Dee and I discovered a shared passion for writing. It turns out that Dee is an award-winning poet and avid sketch artist too. Real estate PR gal Marisa told me that her professional work with Global Green has led to becoming an active member of the renowned environmental group.

Danielle, also a real estate specialist, had me getting nostalgic for my junior year in London when she mentioned the year she spent there. Danielle brought along her charming former roommate, Australia-born psychologist and fashionista Ann-Marie.

The three of us enjoyed a spirited debate with one of Kim’s male friends about why women don’t go for nice guys. We maintained that sometimes nice means no backbone (a definite turnoff) -- and that there are just as many nice guys who go for bad girls.

Speaking of the opposite sex, there were plenty of men filling the bar and long tables with benches at Spitzer’s. Marisa and I perused the possibilities, then laughed as we decided we weren’t in a manhunting mood.

Still, as a single gal always intrigued by venues with a healthy male-female ratio, I’m excited to add Spitzer’s to my list of places that are perfect for mingling -- and even more excited for the next time I cross paths with Kim, hopefully across the pond.

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Kim Hong said...

There's a spare room in Nick's flat with your name on it :)