Thursday, December 4, 2008

Special Sendoff For A Best Friend

Yesterday marked the end of an era at Quinn & Co. with the departure of my adored colleague and very dear friend Morty. Tonight, my co-workers and I surprised him with an intimate dinner at Lazzarra's, a cozy bistro in NYC’s Garment District that serves up delicious thin crust pizza.

BFF: Morty and me at his farewell dinner, photographed by fabulous fellow Quinnling, Danielle

Morty is leaving to get his phD in psychology, a field that is a perfect match for his intelligent, analytical mind and compassionate, insightful understanding of how people think and feel.

“I’m sorry that you’re leaving for a lot of reasons,” Quinn & Co. president Florence told Morty. “For your specialness, for your personality like no one else’s that makes everybody feel so good.”

With his infectious wit and effervescent charm – not to mention a knack for effusive, adjective-laden emails and a spot-on Tracy Chapman impersonation -- Morty brightened up everyone’s workday, mine especially.

All Smiles: Morty with the mug I gave him to eliminate the coffee cup pileup at his desk!

It’s no accident that I’ve affectionately called Morty my work husband. For the last three years, he has been my number one office confidante, the person whose sage advice and heartfelt hugs I’ve grown accustomed to enjoying on a daily basis.

After dinner tonight, Morty and I walked arm in arm through Times Square. As we hugged and talked about getting together next week, I could feel us beginning a new chapter in our friendship. Though it was a bittersweet one, I felt comforted. Because I know, even with all the wonderful memories we’ve shared already -- the best is yet to come.

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