Tuesday, December 16, 2008

By The Numbers: More Than Friends Edition

When it comes to relationships, the question of whether a man and woman can be just friends is one that tends to come up time and time again.

I’ve experienced my fair share of friendships that veered into mutual attraction territory -- and navigated the equally tricky terrain of attempting to cross back over the platonic line with ex-boyfriends.

Inevitably, I suppose, the latter transition is more difficult. After all, as one of my favorite post-breakup books says, it’s not easy being just friends with someone who once saw you naked.

Still, many of my most memorable moments with the opposite sex have come from rekindling old flames or discovering there’s one worth igniting with a friend. Here are some of the relationships that have straddled the more than friends line -- By The Numbers:

Number of male friends I ended up locking lips with: 3
Number of disastrous flings that resulted in the end of a friendship: 1
Number of post-breakup friendships that led to a romantic reprise: 5
Number of successful ongoing post-breakup friendships: 1
Number of evenings with a friend of five years that have ended with a kiss: 3

The most recent of those evenings, a last-minute autumn encounter when my hunky friend breezed into town, was an exhilarating reminder that some mutual attractions are too strong to deny and worth the potential complications that accompany them.

Coming up…an evening with Bill and Hillary Clinton and a double dose of holiday partying.

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