Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Power of Suggestion

During a recent conversation with my PR client Tourism Queensland, I found myself reiterating how working with an Australian entity has been in my vision for years. While talking about making dreams a reality, I couldn't help thinking about the very mighty power of suggestion.

When Dreams Become Reality: My first trip Down Under (in 2002) launched a love affair with Australia that eventually led to my current work with Queensland

As the authors of “The Secret” articulated to great success, there really is something to the idea that what you seek, you will find. Back in ‘03, after deciding to exit the TV news world, I wrote a want ad for my ideal job. In the ad, I described a spirited, creative company that would tap into my dual passions of writing and travel -- a fortuitous description that summarized perfectly what I have found at Quinn & Co.

More recently, around this time last year, I decided that 2008 would be the year of finding Mr. Right. Within four weeks, I ended up in a whirlwind ship to shore romance with Jimmy, an adorable New Yorker I met on my first cruise.

Though we dated for only three months, the time I spent with Jimmy gave me a much clearer picture of what I’m looking for in a mate and led to something even more important -- being completely okay with singlehood.

That’s the thing about the power of suggestion, sometimes it delivers in a way that’s even sweeter than what you anticipate.

A few days ago, I mentioned a new optimism about the potential for romance during the holidays. The next morning, I heard from one of my favorite old flames that he’s heading this way for New Year’s Eve.

Like it did many moons ago during my Sydney job search, my Down Under preoccupation seems to be working its magic -- my old flame just happens to be from Australia.

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