Friday, February 6, 2009

By The Numbers: Adventure Edition

When it comes to adventure, I’ve always been a fan of going out on a limb -- literally.

My most recent thrill seeking excursion -- climbing Sydney’s Harbor Bridge -- got me to thinking about some of the other adventurous jaunts I’ve undertaken. From canopy tours (a.k.a zip lining) in Costa Rica and Belize to dangling over the edge of 135-story Sin City’s Stratosphere, I’ve never shied away from sky-high fun. Here are some of my more memorable experiences (way) above ground -- By The Numbers:

Approximate number of amusement parks visited: 15
Number of rides on Coney Island’s legendary (and rickety) Cyclone roller coaster: 2
Number of times spent dangling harness-clad from a crane on amusement park ’bungee’ rides: 2
Number of gravity-defying rides experienced at the Las Vegas Stratosphere: 2
Number of rock climbing walls I tried while on the high seas: 1
Get Out There: Taking direction from Royal Caribbean’s famous tagline, I made it about halfway up this rock climbing wall on the Navigator Of The Seas ship‘s top deck, January 2008.

Number of zip lining adventures: 2
Number of feet above ground during highest zip line: 315

I’ll never forget the panoramic view as I soared from tree to tree at Costa Rica’s Turu Bari nature park. It’s amazing how free it makes you feel, even with the clunky harness you have to wear.

Coming up…A knockout "Dancing With The Stars" performance and a weekend getaway to the First State.

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