Monday, February 9, 2009

A Closer Look At Dating Services

When you live in a city like New York, there’s no shortage of companies promising to connect you with the opposite sex. Meet Over Drinks, It’s Just Lunch and 8 At 8 dinners are among the many dating services available to residents of the Big Apple.

Relentless phone calls from an online dating site I recently scoped out got me to thinking -- might it be time to try one of these services that does the matchmaking for you?

Two of my longtime friends have tried dating service Great Expectations with varying degrees of success. One met several nice guys that she had no romantic chemistry with, while the other is in the midst of her second serious relationship procured through the company.

Now that I’m officially halfway through my thirties, I’m even more open minded when it comes to exploring avenues I haven’t before for meeting my potential soul mate.

I’m going to sign up with Great Expectations -- and maybe a few other dating services too. Because, much like any good job hunt, the search for Mr. Right requires putting yourself out there to as broad an audience as possible. Even if it’s only to polish your dating prowess.

Up next…mingling at a France Tourism soiree in Tribeca and bowling with friends in NYC’s Union Square.


slicesofheaven said...

oh melissa!!!! so much fun to meet you tonight and I LOVE YOUR BLOG!! (have you been dating since you were 10??)

big kiss, your secret sydney connection...

Melissa said...

So much fun meeting you too, fellow former Sydneysider! A world of fun at NYC's galleries awaits. :-)