Monday, February 23, 2009

A Dazzling Evening With Oscar

Last night, four of my galpals joined me to watch the Oscars. As we settled in for a long evening – made sweeter by two kinds of popcorn and Klondike bars – all of us were happily surprised at how entertaining Hollywood’s biggest night turned out to be.

The 81st annual Academy Awards was one of the best in years – and not just because the show managed to run only 30 minutes over its 3-hour running time.

Puttin' On The Hits: Host Hugh Jackman teamed up with Beyonce for a cheesy but entertaining movie tunes medley (photo credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Tightly produced with brilliant staging and choreography, the Oscars had a flow absent in previous telecasts, thanks to a clever ‘plot’ explaining how a movie gets from conception to post-production. Technical awards were finally given as much attention as their acting counterparts, rightfully shining the spotlight more on the behind the scenes magicians who bring movies to life.

Even the usually tedious montages were energized, with lively musical performances and seamless juxtapositioning of past and present films. Dashing and multi-talented Hugh Jackman did a great job presiding over the festivities, and who knew Anne Hathaway could sing?

Best of all, the stars themselves brought their A-game, delivering heartfelt, well-prepared acceptance speeches. Most touching – the tribute to late Best Supporting Actor winner Heath Ledger from his family. Most exciting – all 8 wins for the fantastic “Slumdog Millionaire.”

“Slumdog Millionaire” producer Christian Colson surrounded by cast and crew after the movie wins Best Picture (photo credit: Gary Hershorn/Reuters)

My friends and I were all in agreement about the Oscars’ tackiest moment – cutting to Brangelina not once but twice while Jennifer Aniston was presenting. They’ve all moved on, it’s past time for Hollywood do the same.

Overall, big kudos to Oscar's producers for a show truly worthy of the industry it celebrates. And to the talented, irresistible cast and crew of “Slumdog,” I have two words for you - Jai Ho!


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more!

Great show! :D

Melissa said...

Fantastic. A real throwback to old school Hollywood. Loved it!