Thursday, February 26, 2009

Saturday Night In SoHo

Saturday night, after my friend Cindy’s engagement party in Westchester, I returned to the city and headed downtown for another soirée – celebrating my fabulous cousin Carla’s birthday.

My cousin Carla and me at her birthday bash in SoHo

About a dozen of Carla’s close friends joined in the fun at SoHo nightclub Santos Party House, including her adorable colleague Seth.

A 32-year-old teacher, Seth spends his after-school hours working (and working out) at the gym and taking post-graduate classes toward his administrative degree. We talked about the charms of Long Island, where he grew up and still resides, and the merits of Stephanie Meyer’s popular “Twilight” series.

Upon deciding to get a drink, Seth took my hand and led me through the crowded bar area. I didn’t mind the brief wait for a cocktail -- it forced us to stand thisclose as the easy conversation between us continued. I’d almost forgotten how much fun it is to flirt when the chemistry feels mutual.

Seth and I are now Facebook friends and have emailed back and forth a few times this week. He’ll be joining Carla and me for drinks when I head out to Long Island on Saturday. I’m looking forward to seeing where our second encounter leads.

Up next…Time Out New York’s The Set showcases some of the city’s best rising stars and a singles schmooze fest for a good cause.

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