Monday, March 9, 2009

By The Numbers: Facebook Edition

Like Google, Facebook has become a ubiquitous presence in my daily life – and not just because I’m mildly obsessed with pithy status updates.

As millions around the world have discovered, the social networking site is a great resource for connecting and reconnecting with people from your past and present.

In the eight months since joining the Facebook universe, I’ve inevitably encountered a few ghosts from my eventful love life. Here’s how they all add up -- By The Numbers:

Number of old flames I’m Facebook friends with: 5
Number of exes whose friend request I ignored: 1
Number of (now married) stalkers from high school who’ve emailed and IM’ed me: 1
Number of old flames whose profiles indicate they’re now gay: 2
Number of potential new flames with whom I’m in Facebook limbo: 1

That potential new flame would be Seth, a teacher colleague of my cousin’s who’s been emailing me through Facebook almost daily for two weeks now.

Though the site makes it easy to keep friend-ly exes at a distance, graduating to non-Facebook forms of communications can be a challenge. And of the many things that can be revealed through email, physical chemistry most definitely isn’t one of them.

Up next..recessionary pampering and this week’s charitable social outing.


Kosmopolight said...

I held off on joining facebook for ages and finally broke down just before Christmas. It's crazy how addictive it gets. Love your blog!! There's an award waiting for you over at Kosmopolight:

Melissa said...

Thanks so much Kelley! You're my first award. I'm honored to be in such esteemed company. :-)

Facebook is absurdly addictive. I'm just grateful I don't get into all of the poking, sending diamond ring gifts, etc., so I save a little time that way!