Saturday, March 28, 2009

An Encore Visit To The Set

Wednesday night, I paid my second visit to The Set, Time Out New York ’s free monthly performing arts showcase of rising stars.

It was standing room only at New World Stage’s downstairs lounge, but I managed to snare a seat at the bar, thanks to show producer Pim. I also caught up with singer/songwriter Red Wine, who knocked my socks off at February’s show.

Singer Red Wine and me at The Set NYC

“I knew something good was going to happen today,” he said when I approached him. I predicted he’ll win a Grammy someday and he promised to thank me if he does.

Red Wine sang his irresistible cover of Ne Yo’s “Closer” before doing double duty as host for the evening. First up -- veteran Aussie singer Anna Fiszman and guitarist Marc Landesberg.

Musical duo Anna and Marc: my favorite performers of the night

Their jazzy take on Ray Charles’ “Unchain My Heart” brought down the house and was, for me, the best performance of the night. Anna’s soulful voice is heaven sent.

Next up was young comedienne Liz Miele, who did an amusing riff about being an angry New Yorker unmoved by dogs or babies. Swedish dance trio Frida, Moncef and Ronja had the crowd applauding with their energetic, fresh take on hip hop.

Frida, Moncef and Ronja put their own spin on hip hop

Adorable magician Nick Ignazzi involved members of the audience in his act, which included being tied up, revealing he’s the Guinness Book record holder for most tic tac toe wins (32) and, of course, doing a card trick.

Young singer Melanie Fontana closed out The Set with a stirring rendition of Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and an original ballad, “Water,” that I can’t wait to download.

After the show, I told duo Anna and Marc how much I loved their performance. Anna’s from Melbourne, one of my favorite cities Down Under, and she’s as engaging offstage as she is on.

Getting to know musical duo Anna and Marc

You can catch Anna and Marc on April 11th at the Central Park Bandshell and then that night at Made With Love, a coffeehouse in Jersey City.

For more information about all of The Set’s stars, visit the show's website.

Coming up…a swanky magazine shindig in Times Square and celeb spotting at GLAAD’s Media Awards.


the shark said...

mmmhhh. And Red Wine is cute too!

pim said...

Thanks Melissa you rock


Redwine said...

Your gonna have to change that name soon "single gal in the city" your too amazing to be single. Thank you for your comments about myself and the show.Im sure it wouldnt have been as good if you werent there.

melanie said...

Thank you for the kind words!! Did you get your download of my original song Water? If not, I'd be happy to email you an Mp3! Email me at if you need that mp3!

thank you again. The Set was a WONDERFUL experience!