Friday, March 6, 2009

Downtown Happy Hour

Last night, I headed down to Spitzer’s Corner on NYC’s Lower East Side for happy hour with some old and new friends.

Happy Hour: Caroline and I enjoying the scene at Spitzer’s on the LES

As we enjoyed some refreshing pints of beer (fruity Magic Hat for me), galpals Caroline, Louise and I talked about inappropriate bridal behavior – i.e., a bride asking her attendants to spend $350 on an especially chintzy looking dress – and equally tactless first date antics.

I filled the girls in about my recent misadventures and upcoming date with a guy who has the fact that he’s well traveled and close to his sisters going for him.

Later, we were joined by my friend Prince and a few of his colleagues. Prince didn’t register any shock when I shared the tale of a guy who disrobed uninvited after a singles party I co-hosted awhile back.

“Sometimes, it works,” he said pragmatically.

The girls and I expressed our skepticism that such a brazen tactic could ever work – though we were less surprised when Prince said a woman being so bold wouldn’t likely be rebuffed. Boys will be boys, after all.

As Prince and his posse departed, new acquaintance Joseph arrived. Joseph and I connected through the by invitation only social networking site, A Small World.

A married France-born dentist with kids, Joseph spends the rest of his time devoted to the Virtue Foundation, a charitable initiative he founded nine years ago that helps women and children around the world through healthcare, education and empowerment initiatives.

In addition to impressing us with the fact that he absorbs all expenses associated with the foundation, Joseph regaled us with stories about some of the celebs he’s worked with – Anne Hathaway, Bono, Colin Farrell among them – and the possibility of a meeting with none other than President Obama himself. Where does he find the time for root canals?

As I made my way home, I couldn’t help appreciating that inspiration can come from even the newest of acquaintances -- and savoring the virtues of a friend-infused jump start on the weekend.

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