Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Great Saturday Date

In the numbers game of online dating, it often feels like the odds are decidedly against making a connection. Which is why my date with Match.com member Chris was such a refreshing surprise.

I had Saturday night plans with a friend, so Chris and I met mid-afternoon at Annie Moore’s, a low-key pub near Grand Central. I was impressed that he was willing to drive in from New Jersey – and even more impressed when he suggested we adjourn from the bar to a table (unlike my last Match.com date, who kept us crammed into a tight space at the bar and bolted after an hour).

Annie Moore’s: Pub grub in a pleasant setting near Grand Central, perfect for a midday date

Tall, adorable and witty, Chris is as good at listening as he is at making conversation. We reminisced about our respective college years, shared our mutual desire to visit Prague someday and laughed about wearing braces as teenagers. I learned that, in addition to working hard in the compliance department of MetLife, Chris keeps busy with running, scuba diving and staying close to his parents and older brother.

There was plenty of playful banter, complemented by just a few moments of comfortable silence. We were both astounded when we checked the time and discovered that more than two hours had gone by.

Neither of us were in a hurry to say goodbye. As we stood in front of Annie Moore’s, I teased Chris about his daily caffeine fix and suggested he might need an IV transfusion of coffee. He laughed, saying he’d just sent an email to a friend saying the same thing.

He bent down and kissed me on the cheek, and continued to prolong the moment, telling me that he’d had a good time. So did I, I said.

Mindful of my evening plans, Chris said he didn’t want to keep me. Then, to my surprise and delight, he kissed my cheek again -- this time skirting tantalizingly closer to my mouth.

“We’ll talk soon,” he said as we finally went our separate ways.

Since then, we’ve exchanged text messages a few times. Though I’m not sure whether I’ll see Chris again, the sheer perfection of our date had me smiling for the rest of the day.

That’s the thing about a glimmer of romantic possibility. It’s just enough to remind you the journey to finding Mr. Right can be every bit as fun as the destination.

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Hannah said...

got my fingers crossed for a second, equally charming date! dish when the time comes, yeah? xoxo