Thursday, March 26, 2009

ZogSports: Co-Ed Fun For A Good Cause

Tuesday night, I headed up to a high school in Harlem for my first night of volleyball as part of ZogSports.

Zog is a charity-focused co-ed social sports club for young professionals in NYC. The best part, in addition to schmoozing for worthy causes, is all sports leagues offer both competitive and (extremely) casual divisions. Since I was probably still in high school the last time I picked up a volleyball, this made hitting the court a much less terrifying proposition.

I was happy to find that, like pretty much everything else, athletic competition matures considerably once you’re well out of your teens. Everyone at Monday’s pre-season scrimmage series was friendly and eager to cheer each other on. I never knew what a great icebreaker playing sports could be.

Most of my teammates – two couples, two fellow single gals and one hunky guy -- gave me kudos for my (unexpected) knack for serving. Now I just need to work on, well, everything else.

Afterward, I walked over to the subway with teammates Carrie and Dawn. We all admitted our ulterior motive for signing up with Zog, and shared our frustration about being outnumbered by couples. Still, as Carrie reminded us, we have post-game happy hours to look forward when the spring season officially kicks off next week. Sign me up.

Coming up…drinks with an old flame and an encore visit to The Set NYC.

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