Friday, March 13, 2009

A Dating Rx From The Eye Doctor

When you’re single and in you’re mid-thirties, kinship with other single women can happen in the most unexpected places. This week, it happened for me during a visit to Dr. C, my ophthalmologist.

While she was examining me for a minor infection, Dr. C asked if anyone has ever said I sleep with my eyes partly open.

“It’s been awhile,” I quipped, “since I’ve been in a position to find that out.”

“I hear you, Sister,” she said, and we both laughed, quickly getting onto the topic of how challenging it can be to meet men here in the Big Apple.

I mentioned that I was gearing up for a date last night. Dr. C said she’d gone on a first date the evening before – with a patient.

“I never, ever ask but if a patient does, I’m not saying no,” she said. “Maybe it would be different if I were a proctologist or urologist.”

She asked if I’ve tried Funnily enough, though it’s the dating site about which I’ve heard the most success stories (my friend Cindy being one) – I never have. I figured it wasn’t an option since, even though my dad was Jewish, I ended up following in my mom’s faith and converting to Catholicism.

Dr. C said she’s perused profiles of several guys on JDate who are open to diverse spiritual backgrounds. The site definitely attracts some interesting characters – I once found a well-known soap opera star on it.

Looks like I’ll be expanding my cyber dating presence. With four promising candidates currently on my radar, I can’t help thinking the best may be yet to come.


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