Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday Fun On The LES: Part One

Friday night, I headed down to the Lower East Side for a big night out in honor of my colleague Katie and her imminent move to Connecticut.

The evening began over a delicious dinner at Japanese eatery Jeollado with work galpals Caroline and Morgan. We shared edamame and two tall orders of hot sake -- and some of the tastiest, cheapest sushi I’ve enjoyed in awhile. With rolls as inexpensive as $3, Jeollado is a low key, budget-friendly treat. My personal favorites were the golden dragon eel roll and the Lisa roll (salmon, tuna, yellowtail).

From Jeollado, we walked over to the three-bedroom pad Katie shares with roommates Beth and Jon.

Three’s Company: (from left to right) Katie, Beth and Jon strike a pose during Friday’s LES festivities

The party was already in high gear when we arrived, thanks to friends and significant others (including Katie’s longtime love and absolute sweetheart, Connor), amped up music and a great spread (wine and cheese, Beth’s homemade brownies, chips and dip, etc.).

In the blast from the past department, I was floored when the door opened and in walked Cole, a classmate from my journalism school days at Columbia University who I hadn’t seen in ten years. We fell into easy conversation, as she filled me in on her long distance beau in California and her producing gig at “Good Morning America.”

I was happy to hear the on-air talent at my favorite newsmagazine show is just as much fun behind the scenes. And yes, for a moment, I felt a bit wistful about my previous life in the crazy but exhilarating world of TV news.

Turning my attention back to the present, I chatted with Jon, who’s every bit as smart, adorable and fun as Katie had said he was. We talked about travel -- like me, he’s lived in London -- food, and mechanical bulls. I admitted my anxiety about riding the bull at Mason Dixon's later that night. Having already Twittered my plans, though, I knew there was no turning back.

Up next…part two of my wild night downtown and a surprisingly great Saturday date.


guidetobeingawesome said...

Wow - I found your blog because I was looking at my blog stats and someone linked to be from BlogHer Single Blogs. Your title looked intriguing and, thinking maybe your "city" was mine as well (NYC), I came to visit.

Weirdly enough - as I scroll down to this entry and see the picture, I am utterly shocked as my friend Beth is featured!

What a freaking small world. I couldn't not say hi after that! :)

Melissa said...

What a small world indeed! Glad to see you here and I'm putting your fab blog on my favorites list. :-)